Gateway 2 Recovery has worked to end the cycle of homelessness by providing homeless men and women with a safe environment, programs and services that promote self-sufficiency and independence without regard to race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. After working for many years in halfway houses and homeless shelters, we realized that we kept seeing the same men and women cycling through the shelter system. We knew there had to be a way to break this cycle of homelessness that these men and women were living. 


Gateway 2 Recovery provides education, services and support essential to achieving personal and financial independence. All residents participate in a personal development plan that includes both on-site classes and access to community services, employment training, and educational opportunities. Follow up services are provided for those transitioning to their own homes. Transitional Housing remains an integral asset to the Los Angeles community, as it builds success and independence to women formerly unable to contribute to their own success, much less the success of the community.


Upon completing G2R program, these men and women become contributing members to our community and city as a whole! Join us by partnering with these successful women! Together we make Los Angeles a great city. Together we transform people’s lives.